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Best Hygeia Breast Pump

Looking for best hygeia breast pump? Here we have put together a list that you are looking for. To create the list we have reviewed 991 breast products available online.

Recommendation No. 1
Maymom Medium Stem Backflow Protector for Cimilre S3 and F1 Electric Double Pump, Ameda MYA Portable and MYA Pro Pump, Motif Luna Pump - Best Hygeia Breast Pump
  • Incl. two units of backflow protectors. After market parts made by Maymom, not original spectra or Cimilre part.
  • Used in the regular Cimilre flange as well as Hands Free kit; Also suitable for Ameda Mya Portable and Ameda Pro pumps
  • Can connect between Cimilre S3 or F1 pump and Cimilre Hands Free Kit
  • Replaces Cimilre S3 backflow protector
  • BPA free, steam safe
Recommendation No. 2
Replacement Tubing for Hygeia EnJoye Breastpump, 2 Tubes/Pack in Retail Factory Sealed Package; Can Replace Hygeia Tubing with Connectors; Made by Maymom - Best Hygeia Breast Pump
  • Tubing for Hygeia Pumps, Made by Maymom
  • 100% BPA and DEHP Free
  • Fits all Hygeia breast pumps
  • The tubing looks thinner than the original Hygeia tubing, but it will work the same or your money back
  • Improved connector so its surface will not peel off over time
Recommendation No. 4
Maymom Battery Pack Holder for Hygeia Q Breast Pump with Microfiber Bag; - Best Hygeia Breast Pump
  • Authentic Maymom parts made for Hygeia pumps. Uses 8 AA (or UM-5) alkaline or rechargeable batteries (not included).
  • The black microfiber carrying case fits inside your breast pump bag, and provides protection for the battery holder.
  • Perfect for pumping on the go, no need to worry about finding an outlet
  • Spare unit for work or travel, replacement unit for lost or damaged adaptor
Recommendation No. 5
Maymom Personal Accessory Set for Hygeia EnJoye Breastpump - Includes Flanges (Small, 21mm), Tubing, Valves, Bottles, Bottle Stands for Hygeia Breast Pump; - Best Hygeia Breast Pump
  • Whole set of extra breastpump accessories for Hygeia All Pumps. Includes 2x 21mm breastshields, 2x tubes, 2x valves, 4x membranes, 4x duckbills, 2x collection bottles, 2x bottle stands; DOES NOT include the filter.
  • It can replace the whole set of your Hygeia pump accessory kit.
  • You can either use either valve/membrane or the Hygeia duckbill pump valve system.
  • NOTE: Individual parts are not interchangeable with Hygeia parts. Please use the wholeset with your Hygeia pump. Filter is not included. Please buy it from Hygeia.
Recommendation No. 7
Hygeia Ii Medical Group Inc. Hg100015 Hygeia Breast Milk Bags,Hygeia Ii Medical Group Inc. - Pack(Age) 25 - Best Hygeia Breast Pump
  • Package of 25 Each
  • Easy-Sealing Zipper.
  • Self-Standing for Upright Storage.
  • Holds up to 8 oz of Breast Milk.
Recommendation No. 8
Freemie Cups Standard Pump Connection Kit for Compatible Medela and Hygeia Breast Pumps, Clear - Best Hygeia Breast Pump
  • This connection kit contains spare parts for Freemie Collection Cups Deluxe Sets (sold separately) for use with compatible Medela and Hygeia pumps
  • Tubing that is soiled and cannot be cleaned should be replaced
  • Contains 4 (four) 24" pieces of tubing, and 3 (three) quick connectors
  • Model Number: Freemie Standard Connection Kit FG021
Recommendation No. 10
Smarkey 12v Portable Breast Pump Battery and Charger for S1 S2 Medela Pump-in-Style and Lactina Hygeia EnJoye (Outdoor and Travelling) - Best Hygeia Breast Pump
  • Both of Battery and Charger Support Medela Freestyle and Swing maxi 67153 Pump-in-Style Breast Pump Charging
  • 12v 3200mAh portable battery with 5v 1A USB port and 12v 1.5A DC outlet.
  • Small volume easy to carry when travel.
  • Support for S1 S2 Medela Pump-in-Style and Lactina Hygeia EnJoye,if applicable Ameda 17077 17077P 17077MN 17079 17085 17085M Breast Pump Charging.
  • Support Spectra S1 S2 SPS100 SPS200, Spectra 9 Plus, Lactina Breast Pump Charging.

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